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LA FABRIQUE DES MARTINS was created in the Diois, in the department of La Drôme, in the south east of France.

This name was given 15 years ago to a farm located in a place called « La Combe » (a valley) where were cultivated aromatic and medicinal herbs as well as vines for the elaboration of a famous local sparkling wine « La Clairette de Die ».

Since then, La Comba Aromatica developed, still in the aromatic and medicinal herbs sector, offering today an organic ingredients range for cooking and for cosmetics.

The company actors are committed to the authenticity and the quality of the products they offer.

Their purpose is to highlight products that they consider as noble ingredients, which come from either local or french or foreign producers, as long as the herbs are transformed in the respect of the people and of the environment.

From France and Africa to Nepal, the herbs often come from small areas which give to the producers an extra income. Most of the plants have been cultivated and gathered by hand, with a knowledge which is passed down from generation to generation : the land work. This is one of the reasons why we consider our products as authentic.

Then, transformation is made in the country of origin. Distillation or maceration have to be made the closest to the field in order to preserve as much as possible the active ingredients until the extraction process.