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Our general conditions of sale shall take precedence over those of our clients. Any delivery of an order implies full and unreserved general conditions of sale below. The terms and conditions of our customers, handwritten or printed, even carried on their order confirmation, we are not enforceable if they are subject to formal acceptance by us.


All our products are charged at the rate in force on the day of delivery. The non-compliance with payment terms listed on both the acknowledgment of order and invoice, and accepted by the client releases the responsibility of our society on all that relates to the relevant order. The early payment of a single installment makes:

  •     Payable as of right, without prior notice, all other debts due or accruing
  •     Cancelable all markets during

Late payment is subject to right, without the need of notice, interest on arrears at a rate equal to one and a half times the legal interest rate last published in French the contractual settlement date current from the contractual payment date, without prejudice to any damages and recovery costs.

Unless special conditions set out in the acknowledgment of order and invoice, no discount will be deducted in case of advance payment of the total amount of the invoice. In general, we do not give discount or rebate, unless special conditions.


Les délais de livraison prévus et portés sur l’accusé de réception de commande ne sont donnés qu’à titre indicatif. Nous nous efforçons de les respecter dans toute la mesure du possible, mais aucun retard ne peut donner lieu ni à pénalité à notre charge, ni à annulation de commande. Toute modification ou résiliation de commande demandée par le client ne peut être prise en compte que si elle est parvenue par écrit avant la fabrication des produits.


All goods travel at the risk of the customer, regardless of the mode of transport or the payment terms of transportation costs. It is up to the recipient to do upon arrival, within the legal deadline, all reserves in case of missing, loss or damage. No complaints on the composition, quantity, weight, packing or non-compliance with the delivery will be accepted, if it comes to us more than 15 days after receipt of the goods by the recipient, provided that it has been previously subject to statutory reserves above. If the transport is performed by a valet, any claim made directly to our company will be worthless if the rights against the carrier have not been saved.


The customer must check all the products before using them. In case of dispute, only those will be retained on the product conformity with the terms of contractual specifications. The client will then send a representative sample of our control laboratory will determine if the prospective vice manufacturing. In case of non-compliance would be expressly permitted, our liability shall be limited to the exchange of defective products, to the exclusion of all other costs or benefits. When products (raw materials or packaging items) we are delivered directly by the customer, our responsibility is limited to replacement cost if they have suffered defects storage or loss of production as defined in the specification charges, excluding any other costs or benefits.


No returns for any reason whatsoever will be accepted without prior written permission. Any return without this agreement shall be kept available to the client and does not give rise to an exchange of goods or a credit note. The costs and risks of return are always paid by the customer. No complaints other than those referred to in paragraph 4 shall be accepted if it is not received within 15 days of receipt of the goods. The fact undertake the use of our products results in the waiver by the customer any right to claim. In addition, sales of packaging involve no commitment of recovery from our society.


Coincidence or force majeure such as mobilization, war, total or partial strikes, lockouts, epidemics, interruption of transport, lack of raw materials or fuels, fire, explosion, etc., we disclaim any liability for delay delivery and allow us to cancel all or part of the command whose execution was thus prevented or suspended.


According to Law No. 80.335 of 12 May 1980, the company NATEVA retains ownership of the goods until full payment of the purchase price, and may at any time require the provision of the goods has been the subject property if the customer fails to meet its obligations. If judicial settlement or liquidation of assets, the client must inform us in the shortest time possible.


Election of our home is made by our company in Ste Croix 26150. All disputes or disputes regarding our sales are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Die, whatever the method of payment accepted, and even in cases of multiple defendants and collateral calls. For all disputes relating to export sales, the applicable law shall be French law.


General conditions of sale above may be supplemented by a specification.


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