Duckwings (or breast) with mandarin-honey vanilla flavour

Published on 07/19/2013

  • Duckwings (or breast) with mandarin-honey vanilla flavour

• 800 gr of duck magrets or slices of duck breast
• 2 tablespoons liquid honey
• 1 cup freshorange juice
extract essence vanilla bourbon “Vanille & Découverte”
Essential oil mandarin
• 100 ml hot water
• 1 bouillon cube of veal
• 10 cl liquidcream
• 1 tablespoon olive oil
• Salt
• Pepper

• Dilute the bouillon cube of veal in hot water.
• Mingle olive oil and honey. On a save distance from the fire, dilute 4 sprays essential oil mandarin + a pipet of extract essence vanillabourbon in the oil-honey mix. Dip the duckslices in this mix or, using a kitchenbrush, coat the slices with the honey-mandarin-vanilla preparation. Fry the slices 2 min each side in a pan. If necessary use a little extra oil. Remove from the heat, put the meat on a plate and keep it warm. Pour the orange juice and the veal bouillon in the hot pan. Simmer a few minutes until the sauce is reduced and then add the cream.

Mix gently with a wooden spoon and pour nicely on the magrets.

Serve immediately accompanied by wild rice.

 Optional, decorate the magrets with finely cut long ribbons of an orangepeel.