Essential oil of mandarin ORGANIC 10 ml

Aromatic organic essential oil of mandarine for culinary use.
Spray 10 ml. obtained by expression of the peels of ripe organic mandarins.
Mandarine essential oil contains up to 100 times the power of the peel.
Very convenient to use with a spray, it allows you to flavor your dishes with precision.

Botanical name: Citrus reticulata

Use : Duck, marinades, desserts

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An essential oil contains up to 100 times the aromatic force of the plant from which it is extracted. Practical in use because of the enclosed vaporizer, they allow a precise flavouring of your preparations. Play like a great chef with an aromatic pallet to sublimate your dishes in a unique and unforgettable manner.
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1. Only purchase essential oils (of organic quality or with a “100% pure and natural” label. Only use essential oils that are appropriate for culinary use.
2. Avoid “cooking” the essential oils as they will evaporate. Only use them to ad a “finishing touch” to your preparations.
3. Avoid using several essential oils in the same dish to start with, as the flavours emitted may be overwhelming.
4. Unless indicated otherwise, start by vaporizing the essential oil in a base product, such as oil, milk, cream, honey, syrup…
While adding an essential oil to a drink, vaporize first in honey or syrup, and then put the spoon in the drink. Never vaporize your essential oils in the proximity of an open fire.
5. Do not vaporize the essential oil over a finished dish if you are not sure of the result. Rather take out a spoonful from
the dish, and vaporize the essential onto a toothpick which you then dip into the spoonful to taste.
6. We provide clear indications on how much essential to use in our recipes. In case you find one vaporized dose too little,
you may add a second dose. However, never add more than three doses to any dish! Store the essential oils in a cool and dry environment, away from direct sunlight. Don’t use in baby food, during pregnancy or breast feeding, or for children
younger than 6 years old. Store away from children. For any use other than culinary, consult a medical practitioner.
In case of an accidental intake, contact the nearest
anti-poison centre.